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26 Oct

4 Air Conditioning Don’ts That Can Cost You Money

4 Air Conditioning Don’ts That Can Cost You Money

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The ac repair contractors at Comfortilio advise that normally, monthly utility bills increase during the warmer summer months. Although the AC costs will definitely increase, there are some things which homeowners imprudently and unconsciously do, that increase the bills.

Do you want to reduce your monthly utility bills this month? If so, avoid these four AC practices that contribute to the increase of your energy bills:

1. Leaving your AC fan turned on

In one year, you can incur utility bill costs exceeding $ 100 by leaving your AC fan switched ON. The fan runs 24/7 when you leave it turned ON. However, if you set the fan AUTO, it will only run during cooling cycles.

Leaving your AC fan turned on makes you incur more costs in various ways:

First, fan utilizes energy to function. More energy is consumed if the AC fan is constantly run. This increases your utility bills. Secondly, your AC becomes unable to remove moisture from your home if you run the fan continuously. The moisture can lead to mold build up as well as distorted wood furniture.

We suggest that you leave your fan set AUTO. Turning on a ceiling fan is a better option if you want your home to have a continuous air flow. If you run the ceiling fan without lights, its monthly energy bill will be approximately $ 1.

2. Closing air ducts in idle rooms

Energy Star asserts that vent leaks cause 20%-30% loss of cool air which is conditioned to average homes. By closing the ducts of unused, more amount of cool air will be lost in the leaks.

How does that happen?

When the ducts in unused rooms are closed, you AC will have fewer outlets to “breathe out” the cool, conditioned air. Cool air is pushed through your vent system’s leaks as a result of its accumulation in your vent system.

Money is lost due to these unnecessary leakages since the ventilated air that you pay for is wasted. To prevent conditioned air from escaping to unconditioned areas such as the attic, always OPEN the air ducts.

Closing the ducts may also lead to the incurrence of more costs since it exerts an unnecessary force on an AC system. This may cause costly damages and reduction of lifespan.

Read on “Why Closing Air Vents in Unused Rooms Damages Your Heating/Cooling System” to learn more.

3. Failing to change air filters

When your air filters are dirty or blocked, your system functions harder, raising energy consumption and bills. By trapping air contaminants, air filters protect your A/C system before warm goes through your air handler. Therefore, blocked filter can cause suffocation to your air conditioner.

Although it is easily fixable and avoidable, a blocked or dirty air filter is the major cause of unnecessary AC costs to homeowners.

4. Failing to service your AC regularly

According to Energy Star, annual check-up should be done on your AC. The practice enhances efficiency on your system, thus reduction on the energy bill. Frequent check-ups also help experts examine and detect issues early enough. Therefore, you will also be able to avoid much repair costs.

During a check-up, refrigerant, electrical connections, condensate drain, evaporator and condenser coils should be checked and maintained. If you need expert HVAC services that will lower energy bill, contact a professional HVAC contractor today.

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