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01 Dec

Best Replacement Window Companies

How to choose a Window Replacement Company

I will offer the following criteria to look for when choosing a window replacement company. I will also look at some sites around the United States and recommend some really good window companies near you if you’re in those locations.

How Long have they been in business?

Most companies that have been in business for over 10 years will make a big show because that is a true accomplishment. Any glass, window or door company that has been around longer than 10 years is a good sign they are here to stay.

Are they licensed bonded and insured?

They will usually say on their homepage if they are Licensed Bonded and Insured. Companies have to declare if they are not a Licensed Contractor. Not being a licensed contractor they may just offer smaller jobs and there is nothing shady about it. However if you are changing more than 1 window or glass door I would be more careful and do some research. Definitely if you are spending over 1000$ would you want to make sure you choose a quality company for your home window replacements.

What kind of reviews do they have for window services?

You can look at their reviews on google, Thumbtack, Yelp, Angies List. These are pretty hard to fake, it is possible but reviews from tier 1 sites like this are pretty accurate. See if the company displays their reviews and then go to look at the main pages of the review sites and see if they are legit.

How is their glass company website set up?

Having a nice website isn’t a guarantee but any company that takes pride in it’s appearance and spends money on advertising/marketing/customer service you know has the right idea. If you call a company and they rarely answer their phone or don’t respond quickly to your emails or phone messages that may be a sign that they are incompetent or overworked.

After doing a little research online I found a few companies I think would qualify as a top rated window installation provider.

Middle Tennesee Glass Company Zen Windows in Nashville.

Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix Window and Door Company Valleywide Glass LLC.

Those look like 2 great examples of the type of window contractor you’d want to hire for your home improvement and upgrades. When reading the Valleywide Glass website homeowners may notice their recent article about types of broken glass and how to identify details for new windows.

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